Hundreds of managers are ready for assignment right now

Many businesses sooner or later arrive at a situation where a manager is needed quickly – more quickly than traditional recruitment will allow. But how do you solve it?

Speed is important when there is an acute need for management

In some situations, speed is a decisive factor. Especially if key people and managers disappear overnight, because they are ill or if they leave, voluntarily or otherwise. In such situations, we seldom have time to wait until the right replacement can be found through a search or traditional recruitment. So what do we do? Are there capable managers anywhere that are ready to get started at once?

There is no shortage of capable managers

There are managers who can be ready to take on a task in the course of a few days. In the reality of conditions today, most companies are in a state of constant change. This means reorganisation, downscaling, upscaling etc. A lot is happening on the job market the whole time. In the wake of this, many managers become surplus to requirements, but not because they are incompetent. There are also many who, having been permanent management employees for many years, are looking for a role that gives them more freedom than working 24/7, 365 days a year. And working life in general is steadily moving towards greater flexibility. The fact is that there is no shortage of capable managers on the market.

Where do you find these capable and experienced managers?

These managers are not always easy to find. They are often organised in one of three ways:

  • Some work alone
  • Some work in partnership with other consultants/interim managers
  • Some are organised into larger entities that work with interim management

One way to proceed is to make a search on Google and LinkedIn, but the best way is to contact one of the large, reliable interim management companies.

They have large databases of interim managers who can start immediately, and they can quickly find relevant management candidates with the background, experience and personality you are looking for.

This is in contrast to the smaller constellations of managers where the opportunities for choice are not as great and the chances of hitting a bull are smaller. A Google search for “interim manager” or “interim management” will give a good basis for finding a partner who can help you to find the right person.

Who are these available managers?

There are managers available with all kinds of experience and backgrounds who are ready to start work right now. Before, we may often have thought “yes, yes, he or she is out of a job and there is probably a reason for that” (in a negative sense). That is not how the world works today. With all the changes that are happening in working life, there are competent managers available the whole time, and not because they are useless, but because the market is in constant change, with reorganisations happening all the time.

A manager who is surplus to requirements in one place may be an outstanding choice in another. Even those who have been working 24 hours a day, 365 days a year as managers for many years, and who are now looking for a role with more freedom, are not looking to retire. They are doing it to find more flexibility in their own situation, and in our experience they are hungry to get stuck into the job when they have an assignment. So there should be plenty of opportunity!