Pål Thore Krosby hired as new senior adviser in Interimleder

We are proud to present former CEO of Aller Media Denmark, Pål Thore Krosby, as new senior adviser in Interimleder. Krosby recently finished an assignment as interim CEO of Avonova. His experience will be an essential contribution to furthering interim management as a discipline and profession.


Pål Thore Krosby (57) has a master's degree in finance and marketing from Aarhus University. He started his career in Bates, Norway's leading advertising agency chain at the time, where he became COO after three years. Then followed five years as CEO and editor-in-chief of Radio 1 Norway, before he was asked to take over the CEO job at Aller Media, where he stayed for almost 16 years.

Since 2017, he has taken on interim management assignments. In his last position, he was hired out by Interimleder AS as CEO of Avonova, formerly Stamina Group, where he led a turnaround operation initiated by the owner, Norvestor Equity. As of April 2021, he is a senior adviser in Interimleder.

– After seeing the company from the inside, I am impressed with the level of quality in their work. They are experienced people from higher positions in the business world; they work systematically and have well-developed routines and frameworks, making them incredibly effective. I look forward to going all in and using my experience to making a difference for Interimleder, says Krosby.

Untapped potential

As a senior adviser in Interimleder, Krosby will help companies find great candidates and coach and advise both interim managers and clients.

– I think there is a significant, untapped potential for interim management in Norway. Many still cling to traditional solutions when critical personnel leave. They keep the key person while starting the recruitment process to replace them. All the while, common sense tells us that people in these situations have their minds somewhere else; in the next job. By hiring an interim manager, you get a skilled and experienced leader with immediate business understanding, organizational understanding and drive, and you do not lose speed, says Krosby.

– We are delighted to have such an experienced top executive and interim manager join our team. It will strengthen us for the future, says CEO of Interimleder, Vegard Rooth.

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