What if this is the new normal?

No, I don´t believe that the current Corona measures will be permanent, but I am also certain that we will not return to the normal situation we had in January. When we experience a change, how long does it have to last before we consider it the new normal?

At present, it is still too early to conclude how well the measures that have been put in place will work, or how long they will last. Many people claim that it will still get worse before it gets better. This is an indication that we will have extensive measures in place for a long time still to come.

So, how long should the situation have to last before it becomes the new “normal”? If the measures remain in place until the end of the year, this will for sure be the normal situation for 2020. In that case, we can´t be paralyzed and sit and hope that someone will come and save us. Then we need to act.

Through all crises throughout history, mankind has adapted, found solutions and moved on. That will also happen this time. If this is the new normal, then businesses need to adapt to this reality, develop their offerings and find their place in the new normal.

This requires initiative, courage and willingness for change.

In times of crisis, one needs crisis management, and many businesses now realize that this is a different kind of leadership skill than that required in a stable situation. To implement change, change leadership and innovation is needed. When the immediate crisis has stabilized, we need to look for a path forward, make changes, and set full speed ahead.

Difficult times create challenges, but they also open up new possibilities. We only need to spot them!


Petter Quinsgaard is a board member at Interimleder AS, where he worked as a senior advisor from 2019 to 2021. In 2003 he founded Abax and helped grow the company from 4 to 400 employees. Prior to that, he worked for 12 years in the auto industry for Peugeot and BMW. Petter has a Master of Business Administration from BI Norwegian Business School and has extensive experience from various positions in product management, quality systems, sales and marketing.

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