– I don't know where we would have been without an interim manager

When the Chairman of the Board of Drøbak Laundry, Lars Tomasgaard, learned that the company would be left without a CEO in six weeks, hiring an interim manager was the first thought that came to mind. It proved to be quicker and less expensive than he had expected.

– I had hired an interim manager before, so I was familiar with the concept. I googled and found Interim Manager AS, who I contacted. I never would have thought that the process would be so quick though. Senior Consultant at Interimleder, Narve Karlsen, understood that time was of the essence to us, and with close dialogue over a few evenings and a weekend, we had several talented candidates on the table, says Chairman Lars Tomasgaard, who in addition to his role as chair is the CEO of Nordox.

Less expensive than expected

– My fear that this would be a costly affair soon abated during the process, as we came out quite favorably on the cost side. We now have a new general manager in place, who we are very pleased with and who we have signed a contract with for the remainder of the year, says Tomasgaard.

Arrived in time to overlap with departing CEO

The candidate they chose was Geir Nygård, an interim manager with long experience as HR director in a number of companies. Thanks to a quick process, he got fourteen days with the departing general manager before taking over the helm.

– We were looking for a general manager who could keep the wheels running. Geir has certainly met our expectations, and more, as he has taken the initiative for new projects, including on the digitization of the business and documentation of processes, Tomasgaard says.

Increased demand for interim management likely after coronavirus

Geir Nygård describes himself as someone who enjoys change and who has finally found his dream career as an interim manager.

– I am passionate about uncovering problems and challenges and contributing to development, and for a change-oriented person like me, who likes things that have a beginning and an end, an interim lifestyle has proven to be optimal. I believe the market for these types of services will continue to grow as we return to a more normal situation after the corona crisis and businesses are experiencing a need for new brooms that can create change, says Geir Nygård.

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