In this senior management team, two out of six are interim managers

In Fazer Food Services’ Norwegian senior management team, two out of six are interim managers. – It provides us with flexibility in a demanding transition phase, says CEO Per Christensen. He leads the newly acquired company that is awaiting competition approval.

Turnaround required swift access to substantial management skills

When Christensen took over as new CEO in November 2018, Fazer Food Services was in the middle of a turnaround. Earlier the same year the company had hired an interim manager who after a short time became permanently employed as Commercial Director. Now they were to bring in an interim CFO who could address challenges outside of a standard operating situation.

- We needed a key person with financial expertise promptly; a person with more substantial knowledge than we would have gone for if we were to recruit for a permanent position. That is what we got, and now we have extended the agreement. In April this year we also brought in a third interim manager for a senior HR manager role, says Christensen.

In May 2019 the leading Nordic meal service provider, Fazer Food Services, was acquired by Compass Group PLC.

- We are currently in a situation where we are waiting for the European Commission’s competition approval, meaning we do not know when, or whether integration will happen. It is beneficial to have flexibility in such a situation, Christensen continues.

- For some reason, I have always known Interimleder exists

As a customer, Christensen is profoundly pleased:

- I have high confidence in the way Interimleder AS operate. The most important evidence proving the concept works is that people we have hired through Interimleder have been extremely positive for us. In addition, it is essential that key people are confident in their roles and that they take on responsibility from the start. Our interim managers have done that from day one.

When asked how he first heard about Interimleder AS, Christensen paused for thought.

- For some reason, I have always known Interimleder exists.

Faith in Interimleder as a growing phenomenon

- I definitely believe that interim management is a phenomenon that will be practiced to a greater extent in the future. All the more when we look at the significant changes happening in the industry. Interim managers have the experience of getting to know a business quickly and do not need training. Besides, they know what questions to ask the client to clarify the expectation needs, Christensen concludes.


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