Geir Andersen, founder of Vaktmester Andersen AS

Geir Andersen, founder of Vaktmester Andersen AS

Interim CEO boosted company

When Geir Andersen needed relief in the day-to-day management of the company he founded, his choice fell on Interimleder AS. - After about two weeks, we had a new CEO in place. Since then, he has professionalized the company and given us a real boost, says the satisfied entrepreneur, who has now sold the company to a bigger group.

In 1996, Geir Andersen founded Vaktmester Andersen AS, a company which provide caretaker services related to cleaning, maintenance and outdoor work. Today, the company has good profitability with sales of approximately 40 million NOK, with 35 employees and counting.

New CEO in two weeks

In the spring of 2019, the company required a new CEO. Andersen had the choice between a long-term hiring process or hiring an interim manager. Andersen had not used interim management previously but was familiar with Interimleder AS.

- I had known about Interimleder AS for several years and did some research on their website so that I was well informed on the concept before I reached out. About two weeks later, I had hired a new CEO. It went surprisingly quick, Andersen says.

Gave the company a real boost

Interim manager Terje Løvold entered the role as CEO in mid-June. He and Chairman Geir Andersen quickly got along.

- Terje rapidly took the steps needed to professionalize the company and has given us a real boost. He initiated a radical cleanup process that I, who have been with the company since day one, could not do myself. Now we have professionalized procedures and routines and have gotten many new and skilled employees into the company. Moreover, Terje’s experience with selling companies proved to be beneficial to us as we were in a sales process when he started working for us.

Interim management is ideal when in the middle of a storm

Andersen believes that interim management can give businesses extra flexibility in leadership changes if the CEO becomes ill or disappears for other reasons:

- Interim management is especially useful for those who find themselves in the middle of a storm, and need of a quick management solution. Players like Interimleder AS, who have a large number of various types of managers who are positively over-qualified, have found a niche. I have seen it in practice with Terje, which the company have gained a lot from, concludes a satisfied Geir Andersen.

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