Interim management solved the bank's management needs

When the bank's IT director went on long-term sick leave, the recently employed Chief Legal Officer Eivind Sverdrup had to quickly consider the options.

"The first thought is often to contact an ordinary consultancy firm. But we wanted a more cost-effective solution. And someone with whom we could develop a closer relationship," Sverdrup explains.

He had learned about InterimLeder AS in the media and knew that it was one of few companies to specialise in providing assistance in such situations.

"Our assessment was that an ordinary consultant would require more guidance than an interim manager. So I picked up the phone and gave InterimLeder AS a call. They explained the concept to me and spoke about their extensive candidate database. I liked the sound of what I was hearing and it snowballed from there," Sverdrup says.

After a few days yaBank was presented with three candidates.

"Together with the CEO and a colleague from the IT department we arranged interviews and learned that all three were very competent. We were therefore extremely comfortable with the decision we had made."

One month after the first telephone call the contract was signed and yaBank had a highly qualified candidate on board, able to start immediately.

"He was self-motivated and had extensive experience of project management. We gave him free reign to define tasks and how these would be performed. The assignment is now complete and we can see that it was a sensible decision to appoint an interim manager," Sverdrup concludes. 

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