Interim management - the only option for Mesta

When Mesta experienced an urgent need to fill its CFO role, interim management was the only option they considered, explains Economy and Finance Director Kristian E. Just (left).

It was this summer that Mesta experienced an urgent need for a CFO. Just explains the process.

Several strong candidates in less than a week

"We realised that we needed an interim manager until we could secure permanent expertise. There were no other options than to bring in an interim manager. Both I and the CEO were familiar with InterimLeder so we decided to get in touch and in less than a week they put forward several qualified candidates. InterimLeder had a rapid response time and we found the process to be incredibly efficient," Just explains.

Parallel permanent employment process ongoing

Mesta also initiated a process to recruit someone for the permanent position.

"This process is still ongoing but we have now secured the necessary expertise to complete the annual accounts for 2014 regardless of whether or not we find the right CFO candidate to hire.

Excellently qualified interim manager in place

In just a few weeks from initial contact Mesta selected the candidate they wanted to move forward with.

"The interim manager (Svein Fagereng, right) has been appointed for the task until the end of Q1 2015 and we are extremely happy with our choice. He demonstrates excellent accounting and management skills. This is how interim management should work: No training necessary, things just work from day one. InterimLeder has definitely lived up to our expectations," Just concludes.

Mesta AS is one of Norway's largest road development, operations and maintenance contractors. The company carries out development and maintenance projects on behalf of central public authorities, local authorities and the private sector

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